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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Is Hillary Hiding Now?

Hillary Clinton's White House records from the years Bill was President are sealed until after the '08 election cycle. This is not the first time important documents that show the candidate's true colors have been hidden from public view.

For well over a decade Hillary's thesis from the time she was a student at Wellesley College was locked and sealed in the archives. Even today one must travel to the college in order to read the paper.

When the thesis was finally made available to the public, if one has the resolve to travel all the way to Wellesley to read it, we discovered that one of the main reasons she morphed from a Goldwater Republican to an avowed ultra-liberal was one Saul Alinsky, a proponent of radical community activism.

Radical schools of thought represented by extremists such as Alinsky were being pushed on college campuses during that era, and Hillary bought into it hook, line, and sinker. Her thesis speaks of Alinsky in glowing terms.

When the Clintons specifically place material off-limits to the public, one can rest assured there is something to hide. The Clinton White House had specifically requested in 1993 that the Hillary thesis be hidden from the public.

With regard to the Hillary White House records that are being kept secret, remember that these years cover such scandals as Travel-gate, the Vince Foster 'suicide,' and of course, the Monica Lewinsky ordeal.

The hidden records also contain the complete story behind Hillary's attempt to socialize the nation's healthcare system in 1993-94. The Clintons have already released a sanitized version of those years, which have been available to the public for quite some time.

What we do not have, however, is the whole story, complete with Hillary's own descriptions of her thoughts and feelings concerning the battle and those who opposed her advocacy for Socialized Medicine.

One can be sure beyond all reasonable doubt that there are some zingers in those records that would be used as fodder in the campaign, if we were allowed to see them.

Hillary is not known for being one to keep her opinions and feelings to herself, particularly behind closed doors, and sometimes in public, though of late she has been decidedly more guarded in her public statements.

The nightmare scenario that lurks in those hidden records is in the event that Hillary is elected President in 2008, only for the public to be treated to the contents of those sealed records which show who-knows-what about the new Chief Executive.

But then again, we already know enough about the Clintons to be wary of a Hillary Presidency. Scandal has been their calling card from day one. There is absolutely no reason to think that would change now, at this late date.

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