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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Questions Surface on ATF Shutdown of Gun Shops

Washington, DC (TLS). Eyebrows are being raised and questions are being asked concerning the recent tactics of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in shutting down large numbers of gun shops.

The main question is why is the ATF suddenly conducting this ultra-aggressive campaign against American small business engaged in the lawful selling of firearms.

That question becomes more critical when one considers that some of the oldest and most reputable gun sellers in the nation have become targets. If the problem were the illegal sale of firearms then such a tactic would be defensible.

But the shops the ATF has targeted, particularly within the past year, indicate that much more is behind the shutdowns and harassment than a concern about illegal activity.

Red's Trading Post in Idaho is a case in point.

The ATF has made Red's a target with sudden, inexplicable raids, demands to see paperwork, and the pouring over of documents seeking for one small infraction, such as a misspelled word, that would give agents an excuse to shut down the store.

So far, of course, the Feds have found nothing. Yet the raids and the harassment continue.

Red's Trading Post is one of the oldest and most respected firearms dealers in the western states. Established in 1936, Red's has been doing business in an honest, lawful, and reputable fashion for over 60 years. Today it is the oldest gun store in Idaho.

Apparently the problem with Red's is that it is one of the few gun shops in the area still standing. The heavy-handed, gestapo tactics of the ATF have succeeded in shutting down most of the gun shops in that part of the country.

The Liberty Sphere reported several weeks ago on the growing problem of the ATF. Instead of focusing their attention on fly-by-night outfits that clearly engage in illegal activity, the ATF has instead focused on shutting down reputable dealers by going over their required licensing paperwork with a magnifying glass, seeking for any minor infraction that would give them a reason to revoke dealers' licenses to sell firearms.

Several former gun shop owners report that their licenses have been revoked by the Feds over nothing more than a misspelled word on the application form.

These details, however, have already been reported and are fairly well-known. The real issue here centers on the rationale of the Feds in conducting these gestapo-like raids against law-abiding firearms dealers.

It is no small coincidence that the ATF operates under the U.S. Department of Justice, which has already been shown to be infested with serious corruption, including lying to Congress.

The vast majority of these dealers are average citizens, American entrepreneurs, who are trying to make a living in the U.S. by lawfully selling guns and accessories. They are not criminals. Most of them have never once committed a single act that could be remotely considered illegal.

Yet in Idaho, for example, the ATF has succeeded in nearly ridding the entire state of gun shops.


What is going on in the bowels of the federal government that has led to a policy of harassing gun shop owners out of business?

While we are hesitant to point to conspiracy theories, it is nonetheless important to remember that Democrats control Congress. Many believe a Democrat will be elected to the White House in 2008. And thus, the stage will be set for a massive assault on Second Amendment rights in this country.

Is the present policy of the ATF nothing more than a foreshadowing of things to come, a massive preparation for the time when gun-control freaks take over the government and unleash their ire on that part of the electorate that fights for Second Amendment rights?

In addition, not only is the ATF flexing its muscle, it seems to be increasing its power.

Several weeks ago a furniture store in Charleston, South Carolina caught fire, resulting in the deaths of several courageous firefighters. The fire started outside of regular business hours, and thus, no employees or customers were in any danger. Nothing was found in the ashes except for the ruins of furniture and accessories.

Normally the local fire department would handle such an investigation.

Yet the ATF moved in, seized control of the investigation, and pushed the local fire department into the background.


Needless to say, many residents in the area were left with raised eyebrows, scratching their heads wondering what on earth prompted the Feds to move in and take over an investigation of a furniture store fire.

Incidents such as these, along with the wholesale shutting down of dozens of gun shops, raise serious questions concerning the activities of the ATF and the federal government.

Until these questions are answered and we see a total change in tactics on the part of the bureau, we can only assume that what we are witnessing is the harassment of citizens by a rogue organization within the government that is intent on oppressing ordinary citizens into compliance.

But, compliance to what?

This is not about compliance with the law. That has been done. This is about compliance to a rogue bully of the federal government that is operating outside the boundaries of the law and the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Think...."Unintended Consequenses>"

Anonymous said...

Another old guy said,,, Yes, almost word for word from "Unintended Consequences". Trouble is almost all of us old sheepdogs are getting too long in the tooth. All that's left are sheep and lots of wolves.

Ajetpilot said...

Minutes before I pointed my browser at The Liberty Sphere today, I was looking for the first time at .
“This site was created to bring to light any and all known actions, newspaper articles, intelligence reports, internal memos, "whistle blower" reports, firsthand reports, Congressional findings (and/or other reports), and any data available, through ANY channel, that chronicle the heavy-handed, corrupt and illegal activities perpetrated by agents and other personnel of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (and now) Explosives.”

I've put this link in my favorites list, and I will be checking it often.

This rogue agency needs to be brought under control, but who can do it? They seem to be working outside of the law without any supervision.

Anonymous said...

There are a few wolfhounds around, and more are being grown each day. Hopefully there will be enough when it is necessary.

Ken said...

Where was the sheriff of Charleston County, who should have been telling BATFU to go pound salt?

Anonymous said...

ATF are just punk bullies. My dad was a U.S. Marshal and said the same. They bully with the gov't behind them. What does that say?