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Monday, June 25, 2007

LIBERTY ALERT! Paper Publishes Names of Gun Owners

Sandusky, Ohio (TLS). The Sandusky Register in this Ohio town has become the latest in a string of newspapers to publish the names of registered concealed carry gun owners (hat tip to Syd at Front Sight, Press for the news tip).

As we have stated repeatedly in the past, there is no doubt that such lists are, for the most part but not entirely, a matter of public record. Therefore, news outlets can legally publish the names, depending on how the laws are written in that particular state.

The problem is with the wisdom and prudence of doing so.

Lots of things are matters of public record, but prudence forbids their being published. This is a no-brainer when it comes to concealed weapons.

Most of the people who carry registered concealed weapons have good reason for doing so, such as those in dangerous occupations, and women who are hiding from abusive ex-spouses. Publishing these names can place such persons in mortal danger.

In the past, we have called for lawsuits against these newspapers for that reason alone.

In addition, we have urged readers to contact the advertisers in these newspapers to complain, and if necessary, to urge them to withdraw their ads from those publications.

We have also been known to publish the names, addresses and phone numbers of the publisher, editors, and reporters who have a hand in publishing the names of concealed carry gun owners.

Here are the address and phone numbers for the Sandusky Register:
314 West Market Street
Sandusky, OH 44870
800-466-1243 (Toll Free)

Here is another interesting tidbit:

'EDITOR'S NOTE: The decision to make the lists available to readers was made by the Register's managing editor. All inquiries should be directed to 419-609-5866 or

And this:

Doug Phares, Publisher

We also understand that an attorney has already begun contacting the names published on that list to begin initiating a class-action lawsuit against the Sandusky Register.

As always, The Liberty Sphere will keep you posted for further information.

Here is the story (which may become evidence in a court of law) of the published list of names:


Ajetpilot said...

A mutual reader of both our blogs sent me an email with a link to this excellent post. I repeated the contact information for the Sandusky Register in my blog in order to give it wide dissemination. The motivations for publishing this irresponsible piece of journalistic garbage escapes me. Looks like I've got some phoning and emailing to do. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone puts a strangelhold on Mr. Westerhold for being so STUPID!!

Johny said...

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