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Sunday, July 03, 2016

news news, news, news

And a happy Sunday to you

Just a quick note about changes here and the demise of The Examiner...

The Examiner will be discontinued at  the end of next week. I am thankfull that they allwed me to write for them since 2009.

But pray that all of us writers.who are adversely effected and that they find a good place to land.

The changes at Examiner have prompted me to take The Liberty Sphere to a new level. News and commentary will continued, But a new feature will be added. As an ordained Christian minister for over 40 years, I intend to add a Bible study feature that takes us to a new level
in our Christian walk.

More about that soon.

Stick with me for these added features..Thanks for reading all these years, and iinvite others

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PolyKahr said...

Keep us informed, and God bless.