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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Soooo, what to do, oh what, what, what to do?

It looks like I will be having another procedure at the hospital next week...nothing major as procedures go, but a nuisance. Pray for me. I am trusting the Lord with all my heart to soothe me and gently ease me through this.

Now, what are gun right activists, conservatives, and libertarians (and any others who take seriously the centrality of the Bill of Rights and all of our other INDIVIDUAL freedoms) to do as this election cycle gets rolling full force?

Let's look at who is automatically disqualified from serving as president due to their shockingly horrific views on individual liberties. At the top is Hillary Clinton. She should be running as social director for the prison from her jail cell. Bernie Sanders, no matter how honest he is, does not represent what America stands for. Both of them are out, period, end. If either of these charlatans get elected, kiss the Supreme Court goodbye, and then kiss your gun rights and most of the rest of your liberties goodbye. It's all over. We MUST NOT allow progressives like Hillary and Bernie to get elected. They must be stopped at all costs.

Over on the Republican side, I have questions about Trump, but I will say that his views are evolving, and I like what he says about the border fence, deportation, revamping the rules on immigration, and his stance on gun rights and freedom of religion. This is NOT, however, an endorsement. I am just stating some things I like while at the same time struggling with a general unease about him at this point. Ted Cruz's views probably come closer to my own than any other candidate running. But I am deeply afraid he will not be able to win in the general election in November. Kasich is probably the best chance we have to defeat a Democrat in the Fall. But we have a big decision to make. Is he close enough to our views to warrant our support? I can tell you one thing, I had much rather have any of the three remaining Republicans than a woman who should be in prison and already would be in prison were she not one of the establishment elitists who routinely get away with cold blooded murder while the rest of us would be placed in a hole under the jailhouse if we had done the same things.

I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for ruling class elitists which we are not supposed to have in THIS country to begin with. All are equal according to our founding documents. A true American carries but two things other than the Bible -- in one hand should be the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and in the other hand a ballot. Here in THIS country, we recognize no authority other than the will of the people expressed through the votes they cast, provided their votes adhere to the principles of freedom as expressed in the Declaration and Constitution.


bellez8 said...

Please update us on your health status everyone is searching for your posts and getting worried...PRAYERS..

Anonymous said...

I was scrolling through my list of people on Twitter and noticed you are missing. Update?