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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump exposes the dead end philosophy of candidates like Sanders

Despite the hysteria expressed by the Republican establishment toward Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and others, Trump is the one who has successfully called attention to the self-destructive, dead end philosophy espoused by candidates such as Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and others who share their point of view. Socialism as an economic and political philosophy has somehow taken root in America and grows more popular by the year.

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Welshman said...

Friends, this was no endorsement of Trump. I said at that beginning I would not be endorsing candidates, and I will keep my promise. I am trying to be objective here, in this case for my many friends and readers who like Donald Trump. Sure, he has some glaring negatives that are highly troubling. But he has also taken positions on some of the issues about which I can heartily agree. I know who I don't like and would not vote for under any circumstance, and I think most of you can figure that out. They are not Republicans nor are they in any way conservatives.