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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stand By Me

I was talking about a song Glen Allred wrote for the Inspirations the other day, and I knew I wasn't through. I had to write about this song below because, well, it just one of the finest recordings of this song if not THE finest I ever heard. The song itself is very old, but in the hands of a singer like Glen Allred and the Florida Boys who sing it A Capella, it just comes to life.

This was just a few years before the Florida Boys as I knew them retired. Glen was 70 years old or close to it, and he sang this song flawlessly just as he had his whole life. I am so glad they decided to do this song and let Glen take the lead. The message is so touching that I start to cry whenever I hear it or watch this video. And when great singers get hold of it they can take it to levels never before heard. The song is very meaningful to me in the midst of my ongoing illnesses. I find myself crying to the Lord, "Please, please, Lord, stand by me." And I find Him standing right beside me when I watch this song. Please understand where I am coming from.

Stand by Me by Glen Allred and the Florida Boys

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