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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Assessment of GOP candidates reveals encouraging and troubling signs

Last summer someone asked me if I would be endorsing a candidate as I have during each election since I began writing for the Examiner in 2009. I told them that I would make no endorsements whatsoever so as to maintain my objectivity as we make our way through the the 2016 election cycle. Besides, I said from the beginning that I can't remember a time when the GOP put forth so many high quality candidates for the presidential nomination. All of them have admirable qualities, and all of them have some glaring weaknesses. But overall these are intelligent, thoughtful, and level headed candidates that showcase the GOP as it stands in 2016. Of course I have my personal favorites, but I have been intentional about trying to remain objective in spite of it. The only opinion I will offer is that I regret not having the voice of Dr. Rand Paul on that stage. He lent something to the debate that is now sorely lacking.

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