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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Brief update

Just a brief update, my dear friends.

Thanks for your prayers up until now. I ask that you renew them or even intensify them.

Chronic illnesses take their toll. In my case I have lost over 60 pounds, which I needed to do but not this way. Appetite is gone, and food has lost its appeal. But I WILL carry on as God gives me the ability. The work of my personal assistant helps tremendously. But she is interested in leaving to tend to a sick spouse and small children.

Miraculously I have managed to keep up my duties as conductor of the  choir and music director at a church. I am much thankful I can continue to do that!

I still write for Examiner, but they want much more than I have been able to publish of late. I will do whatever I have to do to oblige them.

Pray that I  can write at least five days per week.

Thanks for reading. I am leaving the comments open for now here  so you won't have to wait for your comments to be posted. If this is abused I will return to the manner it is now done.

Thanks and much love!


Anna said...

Anthony I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily. Fight on my friend!

Rev. Paul said...


I rejoice to know that you're still among the quick, and will redouble prayers on your behalf for continued recovery.