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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Veteran reporter raises questions about Hillary

The campaign for the Democratic nomination for president took an ominous turn Monday when a veteran news reporter raised questions concerning Hillary Clinton's private email server. The private server has been one of the issues conservatives have raised in their probe into charges of corruption at the State Dept. while Hillary was Secretary of State.

So far the investigation into Hillary's role in various scandals -- Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the use of a secretive investigator who was forbidden by the White House but was on the Clinton payroll -- has been largely a Republican endeavor. Democrats never spoke about it nor showed any interest in delving into it. The mainstream news media helped Democrats by simply not reporting the Republican led probe. This has now changed.

Andrea Mitchel, the veteran NBC news reporter who is known to conservatives as one who will slant her stories and comments to favor Democrats, took a surprising turn toward objectivity. Mitchel stated that she attended a security conference during which she spoke to officials on both sides of the spectrum. She further stated that while there are charges and counter charges, no one can give an adequate explanation for why a cabinet secretary would need a private email server at home, unless she wished to thwart inquiries into her actions.

The special congressional committee that is investigating Hillary discovered 4 emails from her private server that were designated as classified. Hillary had already declared in the strongest terms that she had no classified material on the private server and neither did she send classified material from that server.

These statements have now been proved false. When the congressional committee received the latest batch of material, 40 emails were sent from Hillary's private server that contained the 4 classified emails. But there are hundreds if not thousands more to be turned over to Congress from the State Dept. If 4 classified emails out of 40 have been discovered, that number could grow to hundreds if not thousands.

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RAY KACZAR said...

She should be held accountable, For all she has done wrong.