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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Do not worry about me...

...that is, assuming you have been worried. Things happen, and I am trying to fix things to the point that these lengthy absences do not happen. Naturally, I continue to need your prayers in my struggles with various illnesses described here every now and then.

One of my problems has been an ornery, obsolete, and stubborn machine -- what is laughingly called a "computer." It's a heap. It has never worked right since I first brought it home new, which has been true about well over half of the computers I have bought.

In the midst of my illness, I noted that readership for my articles at Examiner dropped to abysmal levels. I got so frustrated that I threw up my hands and said, "What's the use!!??"

But I am too stubborn to quit. I will begin writing again at Examiner, and I will get a computer that is much more reliable and easier to use (probably a Linus built and a Linus operating system).

I hope somebody in my readership base is still out there.


Anonymous said...

Friend we are still here. Things are starting to look better. I don't know anyone who has it made in the shade. It is either money or health or both.

Welshman said...

Glad you are still here.

Rev. Paul said...

Yep; still here.

Welshman said...

Glad to see you, Paul, hope you are well.