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Friday, November 07, 2014

This is not good, no matter which way you spin it

In the midst of the celebratory mass hysteria on display by Republicans this week is some ominous news. As most of us have told you, the victories won by anti-Obama forces this week are no reason to let our guard down. The same old enemies are still there, and they aren't going anywhere.

Both Hickenlooper in Colorado and Malloy in Connecticut won their reelection bids to remain governors in their respective states. Both are also rabid anti-gun nutcases. Personally I am much more troubled by Hickenlooper's victory than Malloy's. One can expect the northeast to do such stupid things. But Colorado? This is the state that recalled and then ousted two state legislators for their role in the restrictive anti-gun and anti-ammunition law passed by the legislature. Hickenlooper was right in the middle of it, but voters in Colorado did not oust him as they did the others. Why?

That is the question of the hour. I would like to know why. What happened? Was there fraud? Did conservatives stay home for some reason? I doubt it on both counts. They ousted Sen. Udall, which suggests there was neither any fraud nor any apathy on the part of conservatives.

So what happened that this sorry anti-gun tyrant was allowed to stay in the governor's mansion for another four years? Does anyone have the answer?

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Anonymous said...

Ever hear of vote scam? Maybe keep one and let the other go.