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Friday, October 31, 2014

Well, I'll be a freakin' son of a gun -- maybe I really do need to get a "real job"

I made all of $1.25 yesterday for my Examiner article. Just over 200 people read it.

Now, through the years trolls have told me that I need to get a real job and stop with this notion of writing, that I can't write anyway, and even if I could the nation would be much better off without my point of view.

Maybe they're right. As a free market capitalist I do believe in the basic premise that if your skills or the goods you offer cannot compete in the marketplace, then you go under. Maybe that is true about me. Maybe I'm not good enough to compete in the marketplace of ideas. Maybe people are not interested in what I'm offering.

As far as getting a "real job" goes, writing is a real job, and a hard one at that. It is very hard work as any writer will tell you. But if I cannot make it by writing, what am I supposed to do? There are just a few things I can still do at this point in life. I am not physically able to do most of them.

So, I dunno. To heck with it. If I can do no better than this, then what's the use? A pox on all of it!


B said...

I tend to not click on examiner articles....I have to shut 3-5 windows just to read 'em. Ads, yes. But that many popups becomes too irritating.

Just FYI

Welshman said...

Well, they have always had that with pop up ads...nothing new. Many have reported that if they are irritating enough one can easily go and change the settings on your ISP. Most have the ability to block all or most pop ups. Otherwise, I just click them off as they pop up. Many other sites do the same thing with advertising, and I figure it is a small price to pay for being able to read the article. I suppose it's all according to what's important to you.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with B. Even with popup blockers on etc. etc. the Examiner is a total PITA to try to read. Just the reality and why I avoid it. Folks need to monetize, but if you are driving the customer away how does that help?

Welshman said...

I appreciate your honesty and B's. But I visit other news sites that have a lot more pop ups than we do. I simply click them all off and read on uninterrupted. It really is fairly easy to do, unless of course, your irritation level is beyond the pale. But that is your choice.

Anonymous said...

When reading from my phone the pop ups are a pita to close, eat up data, and the little x button is usually right next to the 'tell me more Burton's which is great for advertisers not so much for me trying to read the article...