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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Putrid vermin

Just a heads up, folks. Unless conservatives double and triple their efforts, the putrid vermin of the Democratic (Marxist-Fascist) Party will retain control of the Senate. Believe it or not, your fellow citizens who are brain dead are ready to vote the vermin right back in.

Some of the following have sufficiently fooled their constituencies into supporting them, although they are as dangerous and moronic as Barack Obama himself. Others don't have much of a chance at winning, but they deserve the dunce cap honorable mention just for the heck of it. And that goes double for the citizens who vote for them.

Wendy Davis, Democratic candidate for Governor of Texas. This "lady" is one of the most despicable human beings I have ever encountered in all my years following politics. She just sank to a new low in a TV ad that attacks her Republican opponent, who is in a wheelchair and partially paralyzed due to the fact that a large tree limb fell on him while he was out jogging years ago. This worthless piece of human excrement (Davis) had better be watching the sky and the trees constantly. One day she may find that Divine retribution for her words will mean she herself will be paralyzed. Karma can sometimes be quite a bitch, even much worse of a bitch than Davis herself. YES, I SAID IT AND I MEANT IT!!

Kay Hagan, the Democrat running for reelection to the U.S. Senate from North Carolina, could aptly be described as "liar extraordinaire." She claims she is the most "moderate member of the Senate." But the record shows she voted with the Obama agenda to destroy America 96 percent of the time. Does North Carolina really want to send back to Washington a Senator who is such a slave to her lord and master Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Obama?

Mark Pryor, the Democrat running for reelection to the U.S. Senate from Arkansas -- another wolf in sheep's clothes who can put on a Oscar performance that rivals anything Peter O'Toole did as an actor. "But he's so nice, and such a fine upstanding Christian," some poor misled little old ladies in Arkansas have been heard to say. Oh really now? With Pryor, we have yet another Obama slave. He votes with the occupant of the Oval Office the vast majority of the time while fooling his constituents into believing he is a "conservative Democrat," which is an oxymoron. Pryor, like Hagan, will probably go right back in this November. Thank your brain dead fellow citizens if that happens. There is no excuse anymore for people being that uninformed.

Gov. Dannel Malloy, D-Conn., one of the tyrannical opportunists who took a tragedy in order to push a political agenda that would rob citizens of their gun rights, faces Tom Foley, the Republican who refuted Malloy's charges that he would repeal the oppressive new gun laws. Foley responded by saying he never promised to repeal but that the law that was passed does not make Connecticut safer. OK, so here we may have two birds of a feather. This IS Connecticut, after all, and we will not get a governor out of there -- or Senators either -- who support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. But I sure would like for Malloy to get whacked, BAD, at the polls. That worthless piece of stench.

Mass voter fraud is said to be afoot in Colorado as U.S. Sen. Mark Udall faces challenger, Republican Cory Gardner. Dozens of elections officials say that the new voter laws in the state create a ripe scenario for widespread election fraud -- all of which will help Democrats. This is one state where partisanship is a must. Colorado needs to oust its Governor and most of the Democrats in the legislature. They shoved outrageous gun control laws down the throats of citizens in spite of massive citizen protests and polls that showed the public did not want these laws.

Did I mention that Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana needs to be sent packing too? Well, she does whether I said it or not. She has been a blight on the state and needs to be put out to pasture for good.

There are others that need highlighting, but I swear, I get sick and tired of dealing with it sometimes. To hell with 'em all. And to hell with the voters who put them in office!

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