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Friday, October 03, 2014

An update on the dreaded inflammation: I've given a name to my pain, and it is inflammation

Evening, folks. Just a brief word about the eyes. I had a setback today. It feels and looks like some inflammation is still lurking in there. I am nowhere near as bad as when this started a few months ago, but any step backward is discouraging to say the least. I could use your prayers.

Next week I go back for the comprehensive follow up. So, we shall see.

A lot is happening in our country right now. It is uncanny, even mysteriously unlikely, that all of these things would be coming together all at once. One or two coincidences would be easier to swallow. But a dozen or more? Nahhh. Too much of this smacks of sinister human manipulation, even the manner in which the Ebola virus has invaded our country. And in spite of even that, Obama doubles down on his open borders strategy, essentially announcing to any terrorist or bioterrorist, "Here we are, come on in!" What complete demonic blob of humanity!

I have some info that I am sitting on, waiting for the right time to report it. As always, Obama worshippers will dismiss it outright, right out of the starting gate. Others will claim that "this is not news" -- another common mantra of the "progressives." Don't listen to them. They are evil and they intend evil.

More about that at the right time.


JMD said...

Sorry, hang in there, surely it will pass. I personally am not a big fan of anything hurting on me. :-(

Welshman said...

Thanks for the well wishes.