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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Well now, if this isn't a splendid way to start an afternoon

I can tell my eyes are improving, so that's good. But as for the rest of my carcass, that is an entirely different matter. I think some of the meds make me feel bad. Today, terrible.

But, I can't afford to stop. I have things to do, responsibilities to fulfill, etc, etc. And the show must go on, sick or not.

Soooo, I will be back online this evening, hopefully to write an Examiner article to be published tonight. So be watching.

So much is going on all at once that sometimes it is hard for me to decide which subject to delve into. Sometimes having too many choices is worse than having no choice, or only one choice. I want to write about it all, but that is humanly impossible.

But, as always, I will make a choice and hold forth on one of the pressing issues of the day. Thanks for dropping in, and thanks in advance for dropping in later to see if I got my Examiner article posted. I appreciate the support of all of you.

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