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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Ugh! I hate to be such a downer, but it's gloom, despair, and agony on me, so much so I felt like taking a good barf

Ever been so nauseated that you thought that if only you could barf you would feel better? If you haven't, then spend a week with me. Every week that passes I will spend two days of it beset with nausea, living off of Dramamine.

Of course I will sleep very well those two days. So there are advantages.

I am not too keen on having to live this way, but when I think of all I want to do, or what God has called me to do, I am renewed in my determination to carry on until one day I will drop. I always said I prefer to kick the bucket with my boots on anyway.

The unfortunate part of it all is that when the nausea gets bad enough and when the Dramamine takes hold in an effective way, writing is the last thing I feel like doing. Energy is gone. And all I want to do is sleep. But after a couple days it's all over, and I am feeling okay again.

I hope to get back to a more permanent state of "being okay" in time. That is my intention, my prayer, and my hope. The better we all feel, the more we can give to the task that most assuredly is ahead of us in these dark and dangerous days that are filled with the most despicable evil, even in our own government.

We are going to be stuck with the most evil of these numbskulls even if Congress changes hands in November. The Republicans won't have enough of a majority to do what needs to be done -- impeach and clean house. And disinfect. So, even if the opposition gains a majority in the Senate, as well as the House, there still won't be enough of them to prevail in an attempt to impeach. We will need 60 votes but we will only have 53 or 54 at the most.

This alone is enough to make one barf. When I think of it, I want to break out in song from the old Hee Haw TV show -- "Gloom, despair, and agony on me." These people in the White House, the Senate, some in the House, in both Parties, the Supreme Court, and other courts, are sickening enough to make anybody barf. But remember, my friends, even if we were to have supermajorities in both the Senate and House, we are still stuck with Obama appointees on the D.C. Circuit Court, which has ultimate authority over matters arising out of Obama malfeasance and that of his administration. That court will never allow such a thing to go any further.

The only exception is in the event that Republicans could somehow succeed in removing certain persons from the bench. A judge can be impeached, you know. And I can count at least a half dozen in the DC Court and five on the Supreme Court who need to be given the heave ho. All of them are as nauseating to me as the president and Congress. Somehow I have visions of barfing out of my system anything making me sick, and low and behold in my dream, it's Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, and at least a half dozen others that I have expelled from my system.

So sorry about the sickening imagery, but to me such persons are precisely just that sickening.

Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Batten down the hatchs, mates. Stormy weather ahead.