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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Odd timing

The indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry comes at a very odd time. Perry had just sent  the Texas National Guard to the border to protect U.S. citizens from illegal aliens who ignore our laws, trespass on private property, and use children as human shields.

I have no doubt that dangerously lethal Mexican drug cartels are now operating inside the United States. The human slave trade or "human trafficking" is also gaining a stronghold in the country. But the lawlessness of the Obama administration has deliberately left the doors wide open to thugs and lawbreakers, courtesy of the concept of "open borders."

Perry has confronted Obama on numerous occasions about the border. Each time he has been rebuffed. And with National Guard troops on the border, the opportunists within the Democratic Party saw an opening to bring a bogus lawsuit against the governor. It is also no accident that Democrats have cooked up a scheme to turn a red state blue, just in time for November. A few thousand illegal aliens would be just the thing to put them over the top at the voting booth.

This is tyranny. Pure rank tyranny. And it must be stopped NOW!

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