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Saturday, August 30, 2014

If I had no scruples or decency I would go on a cussin' spree right now in front of God and everybody

I am not going on a cussin' spree. I do have scruples and sense of decency. But some days it's difficult to maintain one's dignity.

We are being bombarded on every side with threats to our liberty and our very lives. And what does the bumbling imbecile in the White House do about it? He has no clue. He never has a clue. He relies on the puppet-masters who put him in office and kept him in office. Scumbags such as Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Cummings, Soros, Podesta, Holdren, Sunstein, Rahm and his murder-proposing "doctor" brother Ezekiel.

This Marxist/Fascist cabal (I use both because it has elements of both) have made sure we are the laughing stock of the world's enemies -- the new Soviet Union, China, ISIS, HAMAS, etc., etc. I warned John McCain in 2008 that he was going to have to be ready to address the hidden but budding Soviet menace, a course of action that would probably lead to a new Cold War. His response? We're not interested in being involved in any new Cold War. Well, of course we are not interested. But the problem is, IT IS INTERESTED IN US! We have no choice. The same with ISIS. Whether we want another war with Islamo-Fascists is not the point. They will bring it to us! Whether we are interested in confronting China over its violations of US airspace and territory or not, they are pushing things to the breaking point. What will happen when they fly a fighter jet right over Los Angeles or San Francisco?

And then we have internal battles initiated by a president and cabinet and Senate that is determined to wage war against ordinary citizens over their rights. Add to that the explosive problem at the Mexican border, with drug cartels, human traffickers, and even Islamic terrorists using children as human shields to gain entrance into the country, and what we have is a scenario where we are surrounded on ALL sides, compliments of Fuhrer Obama and his jackbooted thugs in the courts, in Congress, in the Cabinet, in the underground bureaucracy headed by the NSA and its secretive FISA court.

Any one of these threats are set to explode at any time, right in our faces. Or perhaps they plan to explode at the very same time to be sure the citizens cannot mount a successful resistance.

I don't have all the answers here, but at the least it is time to kick up into high gear the Stealth War that focuses on 4th Generation Warfare. The object is not to kill or harm any human life. The objective is to render inoperative all of the subversive plans and tactics of the government using our heads and outsmarting them.

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