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Friday, August 29, 2014

Hiya, folks, just some thinking out loud about things...

Hello, folks, I thought I would do some thinking out loud about some practical matters that have been on my mind. As you know, the Liberty and Gun Rights News Roundup has been on indefinite hold since this eye problem cropped up. I have found, at least so far, that providing all of those links is so optically tedious that it hurts my eyes. I mean literal pain.

So, I had to back off of that and write regular blog posts, along with my Examiner articles. And this brings me to some possibilities as I think about the future.

I am always looking for ways to make things better for readers. When the eyes heal up I may test out a new format that will allow me to continue to focus on gun blogs and liberty blogs, calling attention to things that I think are worth a look. But the new format will allow me to avoid the tedious work of putting a bunch links together in one post. I think you will like it better. I will show you what I mean when we get there.

Continue to pray for my eyes. This has been the longest bout I've had with them since this stuff first started back in 2008. They still don't know why this happened from a medical standpoint since the underlying cause has not yet been determined with certainty. They have narrowed it down to two or three maladies, but whatever it is seems to be taking a long time to progress enough to diagnose. We do know that it is inflammatory in nature. We do know that it has hit my eyes first. We also know it has attacked my joints but not to the point of crippling. One doctor told me recently he was leading toward Lupus -- not exactly good news but no worse than the other things that have been mentioned.

But, we shall see. I will say that whatever this is has been coming on very slowly and gradually since 1994 or so. This is a good thing because it means the progression of it is very slow. That means I can remain active and do my work for a long time to come, provided my eyes get stabilized.

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