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Friday, August 08, 2014

Evenin' my friends

I didn't get to write today, so I am giving you a special but brief greeting. My next big appointment with the eye specialist is Monday. I should know more by then. I still need your prayers.

As always, I have some information passed along to me that I am currently sitting on, waiting for a good time to disclose it. I may write it up tonight, but I doubt it. It looks like it will be tomorrow before I get around to it.

The communication grapevine is beginning to get hot. Lots of rumors that are not trustworthy, and lots of information that is VERY reliable because of who it came from. My dilemma is always making a determination of what is false and what is true, and then deciding if what is true needs to be told. Obviously sometimes information cannot be disclosed because to do so would compromise the identity of the source. We don't want sources drying up due to someone making a decision that they, the sources, will tell everything they know. So, the powerful underground figures with a treasure trove of information will simply stop talking. That is the last thing we need and there is always a certain degree of risk in passing along such information although it is the truth.

But we will deal with these things as we go along. Check back with The Liberty Sphere for updated information. Thank-you.

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