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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dang! Triple hot dang!

OK, my friends, I am having computer connectivity problems today and this evening. Most of the sites I attempt to visit will not open. At first even my own blog here at The Liberty Sphere would not open.

Needless to say this type of problem annoys me to no end. In spite of all of the money we spend on computers, Internet access, antivirus, etc, etc., we get these inexcusable glitches. Frankly, I hate Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They gave us clunkers, trash, garbage, and they have made nearly as much money for the "fixes" to what they have given us than the programs themselves.

I now use an open source platform, but you still have to pay for Internet access. I am not complaining about that but my point is that even that would not work today.

That, added to my eye issues, is enough for me to chew nails without feeling one bit of pain. If these problems are solved I may post something tonight. But it will probably tomorrow sometime before I get around to it. I've had it with computers.

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