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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

America too far gone to save?

"Yes, I will continue to fight, " he continued, "But frankly I don't see a lot of improvement. Not only do I have to fight politicians who are throwing our freedoms into the garbage can, trampling on the Constitution in the process, but I must constantly fight to attempt to educate my fellow citizens in what it means to live in a free society with a Constitution that is supposed to protect our freedoms with the full force of the law. The number of people in America today who understand that the Constitution exists to protect our freedoms from government encroachments is very small."
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Mike Lamb said...

You touch on the very things I write about every day. However do consider that The People according tot eh US Constitution no longer has any Rights but privileges. This is because of the 14th Amendment, and there is nothing we can legally or peacefully do about it. If you would like the deeper details of the 14th A and how it turned your rights into privileges, I would be happy to send you my article, and you may use it for all our benefit, whichever way you wish. Same applies to your comments about majority votes determining our laws. I have wrote several articles on this very thing, and there is much more to it than a simple democratic vote. Sadly none of it is good news...

Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

Welshman said...

Send them on, and I will take a look. Can't promise anything before I see them, but I would be happy to consider.Thanks.

Mike Lamb said...

Would be glad too!
You can put them to good use.
You are free to make any necessary changes in grammar and structure, as English was my worst subject...

Where do you want them emailed too?
In the meantime I think I'll browse around your site. Seems from what else I have read from you we have a lot of interesting commonalities.

Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

Welshman said...

Send to