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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

No "Constitutional crisis!"

The talking heads of the mainstream media are harping on the issue of a supposed "Constitutional crisis" regarding Barack Obama's executive orders and his defiance of Congress and the Supreme Court. One even said, "We are nearing a dangerous Constitutional crisis in this nation."

What a boneheaded numbskull!

We are not "nearing" a Constitutional crisis." We are already in the midst of one and have been for some time now.

In some ways, though, there is no Constitutional crisis at all. The problem is not the Constitution but the failure of elected officials, the president, and even some on the Supreme Court to obey it and make sure it's provisions are carried out. What we have is a crisis of tyranny. Tyrants defy the law in collectivist societies. They make up law as they go along. This is what Obama has done. The Supreme Court did it with Obamacare. And some Senators and Congressmen do it on a daily basis.

It is getting to the point to where there is no way out of this short of a major civil war between citizens on our own soil. When elected officials refuse to carry out the provisions of the Constitution, the basis of all of our laws, then it is necessary for citizens to forcibly remove them from office. This is pure Jeffersonian philosophy.

This president and his henchmen find new ways to defy the law each day. They refuse to obey court orders. They refuse to cooperate with Congress in its oversight responsibilities.

But the answer right now is not to engage in any violence whatsoever. No matter how angry we get over the outrageous acts of a rogue government, we must keep our cool. Why? Insiders say Obama wants us to lose our cool and do something stupid that he can use as an excuse. So, we must lay low, maintain our wits, and implement the Stealth War -- Defy, Resist, Evade, Smuggle, and nonviolent Sabotage. This must be done secretly and prudently as we outsmart the tyrants.

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