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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday night document dump is a bomshell, but few noticed

One of the most common ploys of this administration is to release bad news at the very time the fewest number of people are paying attention to news -- Friday night or late afternoon. We had yet another document dump last night. Did you catch it? It's no big deal if you did not. Unless you are one of us news junkies/reporters, you cannot be expected to monitor the news 24/7.

Barack Obama and his Obamanoids know this, which is why they like Friday nights. They can minimize the fallout by quietly rolling out controversial information that makes them look bad.

So, once again, last night was a night of the infamous Obama tomfoolery. The administration released a statement indicating that the infamous hard drive from Lois Lerner's computer was completely destroyed three years ago. The computer, the hard drive, all of it was completely destroyed along with vital data that is central to the investigation into the IRS scandal.

If this is truly the case, then why did the IRS fail to inform Congress during the dozens of hearings it has held concerning IRS shenanigans? Nobody bothered to inform the Congressional oversight committee about the destruction of official government records, which is a crime. And since this criminal act occurred three years ago, then IRS officials could have easily informed Congress during the very first hearing. But if the latest revelation is not true, it is no wonder the IRS dragged its feet in complying with Congressional directives to turn over all pertinent documents related to the scandal. The foot-dragging provided ample time for the agency to destroy the hard drive, and then claim that it happened three years ago.

This has all the markings of further coverup activity. But if the IRS thought that destroying the hard drive would make it impossible for Congress to continue its investigation, the agency had best rethink that assumption. We already know by emails, documents, and sworn testimony already given that the IRS broke the law. And somebody, or I should say, several somebodies need to pay.

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