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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The stealth war and the illegal alien invasion

Thus, here is where we stand so far. Illegal aliens gain entrance into the United States by using thousands of children as human shields. Many of these children have already brought deadly diseases into the country, such as drug-resistant TB, measles, dangerous parasitic disorders, scabies, chicken pox, staph infections, and deadly viruses that originate in the tropics. Obama is shipping these persons all over the country, and along with them comes the diseases, many of which are contagious and deadly for adults.

For sure, the children are not to blame for this. But many of their parents, the drug cartels, and human traffickers, all of whom are coming across the border with the children, are squarely to blame. Yet nothing is being done about it by the government. It is as if the Democrats in particular are observing this despicable state of affairs with glee. They see voters, thousands of them, and in a few short years, hundreds of thousands of them.
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