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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/23/2014

David Codrea reports news on the freedom-oriented comic strip called "Day by Day." Take a look.

Kurt Hofmann says that a major push is under way in Missouri to make gun rights  "alienable," opposite of what the Constitution specifies.

Mike Vanderboegh announces that he has been invited to speak in Colorado for an Independence Day celebration. He is looking for other opportunities on the way there, and on the way back.

WRSA points to a piece that explains how a country dies. You had best read it all. Why? We are just about dead as a free nation.

Karl Denninger notes the latest sheer idiocy of the "global warming" nutcases. When are they going to start putting these people in straightjackets?

Way Up North says that Wild Bill has hit one out of the ballpark. He also has the video that shows what he is talking about.  

Tam shares an amazing scientific fact that really gets down to the heart of the matter concerning algore's Internets.

Nicki reminds us of a sad and unconscionable chapter in the life of one of the recent military fatalities in Afghanistan.

John Jacob H has the exclusive scoop on a N.C. "journalist", an anti-gun nutcase, who not only owns a gun but may have committed a crime with it!

Brigid writes on the importance of having books. I agree. For decades I had one of the most comprehensive personal libraries you could find anywhere. Most of it was due to the fact that my years in higher education required it, but another top reason was that the work I did required quite a bit of scholarly research. My ministry was not done haphazardly, I always believed that my pulpit work was worthy of nothing but the absolute best I could do, and that involved hour after hour of grueling study, for years and years, or at least until I went into chaplaincy, which required much less study on the job. Eventually my downsizing required that I relinquish most of that library, but I find myself on a regular basis missing it. I almost feel lost. It is like a big part of me is gone. I always loved having books around me, not just in theology and Bible commentary, but books of all kinds, particularly great literature such as that of the Founding Fathers. I made some amazing discoveries reading primary sources, discoveries that showed much if not most of what children and college students are being taught today is pure, unadulterated B.S.

Golden Geese News has a pretty funny announcement to make about Hillary Clinton. I think it is an excellent idea. Take a look.

Gateway Pundit is reporting breaking news that Darrell Issa has discovered that Lois Lerner was acting directly on behalf of Obama when she targeted conservative groups at the IRS. This is a high crime, high misdemeanor. Impeachment is the only remedy. 

Every Blade of Grass has a video explaining how we got in the current economic mess, going back 140 years.

Days of our Trailers updates us on the latest from "Chicago burning."

CLO posts a collection of rather "interesting" (ahem) Hillary Clinton quotes. Not exactly a gal you would want to take home to mom.

Pamela Geller blasts the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. for its latest utterly stupid move against Israel. I specified the denomination above due to the fact that there are several good, conservative Presbyterian groups that are not anti-Israel. So, we can't lump them all together. Two of the admirable Presbyterian groups are the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America), which split from the group mentioned above over abject liberalism and sheer heresy, as well as the ARP (Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church). The latter two groups have nothing to do with the actions of the Presbyterian Church in the USA.

Alphecca explains a bill introduced in the House that addresses the lame excuse offered by the IRS over missing emails. But, as he mentions, the collectivists oppose the measure. Not surprising at all.

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