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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Never fear, I'm here, but running late...


I am running way behind today, so bear with me.

A new Examiner article will be posted this evening for your reading pleasure. And tomorrow I will have another Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup, the second for the week.

You no doubt that noticed I don't do the roundup as often as I used to. Twice a week is my goal, but those two posts per week are vastly expanded from what I used to present. The Roundup these days contain upwards of 20 links to gun and liberty oriented bloggers. That means about 40 links are provided per week.

I hope the roundup is helpful to you, especially those of you who are trying to get your blog off the ground. If I can help you expand your audience, then my goal is met, not to mention that we in the gun rights and liberty movement need to stay informed on what's going on with our colleagues.


Rev. Paul said...

As always, sir, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Welshman said...

ty my good friend!