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Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/8/2014

A Geek with Guns explains why controlling access to firearms is a futile effort.

In the Middle of the Right shares a link to a one letter disproof of all of the "global warming" claims.

Bergheim Follies blogs on the utmost importance of "knowing your enemy."

Kent's Hooligan Libertarian Blog notes the various ways statists try to discredit liberty minded people. And it's always easy to take apart and lay to waste their arguments.

JulieG says that the progressives are using Mothers' Day week to promote gun control. But Julie has a helpful alternative.

ArmoryBlog has a "deal alert" on Lucid HD7 Gen III Red Dot Sight.

Beloit Ballistics blogs on "do it yourself" AR-15s.

90 Miles from Tyranny displays some graphics that show without doubt that journalism is biased to the leftist-statist-collectivist-progressive mindset and antagonistic to conservatives-libertarians.

The Official Guns Over Texas Radio Blog comments on Hillary Clinton's recent anti-gun diatribe that should have ALL gun owners determined to make sure she never becomes president.

Paw Paw's House shows us why two teenage boys who burgled an elderly woman's home repeatedly finally got shot to death, and deservedly so, by the resident. Play with fire long enough, and you WILL get burned. That's the way it works. If the parents and friends wanted to keep the teenagers alive, then they should have made sure they did not break into people's houses. It's that simple. We have mollycoddled these teens for much too long. They need to start suffering the consequences of their behavior.

From Gunslinger's Journal: "Lawless president, lawless government."

Extrano's Alley declares that "this regime is determined to suppress dissent." They sure are, and we had best show them NOW, before this gets worse, that we will NOT be silenced!

Guffaw in AZ provides an example of the outrageous waste of our tax dollars.

God, Gals, Guns, and Grub displays and describes five guns for gals who carry.

The Warrior Class shares a shotgun reloading video.

When the Balloon Goes Up explains how he used to choose his carry guns, and why he switched.

Mike Vanderboegh was a guest on the Alan Colmes radio show on Fox, defending his comments about Harry Reid. There is more here.

David Codrea points to at least one who wants to know how New Jersey can afford 900,000 new felons now that they just turned nearly a million citizens into criminals with their new anti-gun laws.

Kurt Hofmann takes Hillary to task for her statements about the so-called "gun culture."

WRSA posts a list of declarations for the serious patriot who is concerned about individual liberty.


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