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Monday, May 05, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 4/5/2014

David Codrea has the latest news from New Jersey concerning gun rights. This one shows deceit on the part of at least one N.J. politician.

Kurt Hofmann follows up with another news item about smart guns, this one originating in California.

Mike Vanderboegh notes that celebrating the Heller decision at SCOTUS a few years back was much too premature given that the court refused to consider a gun case today.

Alphecca has more on the SCOTUS non-action today, including background info.

WRSA reports the latest message from the Bundys out in Nevada on their ongoing ordeal, plus their reflections on what happened in their fight against the Bureau of Land Management.

Tam offers some of her thoughts on the recent NRA convention in Indy.

Traction Control shows us his latest additions as of today at his gun store.

CLO reports explosive news that Obama and his minions are getting ready to shred the First Amendment. 

Way Up North celebrated a birthday and got some new ammo up in Alaska at a very reasonable price.

The Wandering Minstrel has been struggling with a health problem of late, and here he gives us an update. Remember him in your prayers.

Nicki says she has a new stint with Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Gateway Pundit shares the latest gibberish coming out of the Obama State Dept., to the effect that Israel must be "forced" to accept peace and forced into resigning themselves to a "Palestinian" state.  They don't need a state. They need to be told to go to Jordon, the original "Palestinian" state!

Golden Geese News says that "Abortion Barbie" and the Democrats have given up on their ill-fated plans to take over Texas.

Days of our Trailers reports that it's been another hyper-violent weekend in that gun ban paradise we call Chicago, home of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and other tyrants whose proposals are not working in their own backyard. What complete idiots.

Christian Mercenary has a message for "Mr. Federal Agent." A must-read!

Roberta X does some venting on various subjects. I can relate. And I'm willing to wager you can too.

Pamela Geller posts some disturbing news from California on a writing assignment given to students by a public school district on "whether or not the Holocaust actually happened."

Blonde Sagacity offers a political cartoon on the constant mantra by progressives (regressives) who claim they are "pro-choice." Take a look.

Mike McCarville provides part of an interview with Gov. Mary Fallin, R-Okla., who stated she did not regret her vetoes of some gun bills that the state House of Representatives immediately overrode. And I understand there is some chaos today in the state Senate over the issue.

Squeaks shares a personal tale that perfectly depicts the many problems associated with depriving citizens of their gun rights merely because they have been treated or are being treated for "emotional disorders." The overwhelming majority of these folk are not crazy nor a danger to themselves or others. It is not fair to lump them in together with severely mentally impaired folk who are "homicidal/suicidal."

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