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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/29/2014

My Daily Kona has a gun rights redux to counter anti-gun propaganda in response to the latest shooting. Read it all, and remember, "I once saw a movie where only the police and military had guns. It is called 'Schindler's List.'"

The Lonely Libertarian says "they knew what they were doing" in reference to the Framers. Here she quotes George Washington on the subject of gun rights.

The Miller notes some Glock updates to consider.

Bergheim Follies reports that something we all have been paying for without our knowledge will be going away Friday, thanks to Barack Obama. Be sure to read the whole thing. 

David Codrea highlights the fact that a news team dropped all pretense of being objective and unbiased when it comes to reporting "gun violence awareness" month.

An NC Gun Blog points to a news story involving the stabbing of a security guard. Interesting. Very interesting.

In the Middle of the Right says that actually we ALL are partially to blame for the VA debacle.

JulieG provides a report on the NRA Bianchi Cup.

WRSA states the obvious although we are prone to forget it -- evil is the motive of evil.

Arms Are the Mark of a Free Man blogs on the notion that we can have "reasonable discussions" with those who wish to deprive us of our gun rights. No! They lie incessantly. You cannot negotiate with barefaced liars. And it is futile to talk to them.

Interned in Northfield has info concerning concealed carry permits in Minnesota.

From Gun Free Zone: "Gun Control, Brazilian Style."

Heels and Handguns blogs on shooting with a bipod.

Mike Vanderboegh fired off a letter to an LA Times writer after he called for all guns to be outright banned.

The Warrior Class says that the Left continues with its self-destruction.

Tekmage's Blog reports that Massachusetts is up to no good again with regard to gun rights.

Way Up North warns that Obama and the Bloomberg gang is trying again to take our gun rights from us.

CLO presents a warning from the Second Amendment Foundation concerning Alan Gottlieb.

Alphecca alerts us to an attempt by Congressional Democrats to sneak in some gun control into a spending bill. Watch 'em closely folks. Scumbags are all about the ends justifying the means.

Traction Control lists and shows his latest additions to his inventory at his gun store. Take a look!

Kurt Hofmann declares the plain truth about Dr. Ben Carson. He cannot be trusted on the issue of gun rights.

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