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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/22/2014

The Broken Patriot has a poignant story of irony involving a business in North Carolina that announced guns were no longer allowed inside.

Bayou Renaissance Man says that a terrorist storm is headed for the West. Very interesting reading.

Billlls Idle Mind comments on a Democrats' remarks yesterday that "Communism works."

In Jennifer's Head blogs on defensive gun use.

Clayton Cramer reports that the Obamacare state exchange in Oregon is under criminal investigation and subpoenas have been issued.

Misfires and Light Strikes highlights the eight wonders of the modern gun world.

A Geek with Guns posts a most interesting read on how the abolition of net neutrality is being bought.

Art of the Rifle shares some thoughts on the AR after having spent many years and much time using the rifle.

The Cluemeter informs us of a great deal on knives.

Last Refuge of a Scoundrel has some thoughts on open carry and the PR battle gun rights advocates have to fight constantly.

Northeast Shooters alerts us to the fact that the ATF has expanded its illegal multiple sales reporting requirements nationwide. This is not good, folks. And it is against the law!

Extrano's Alley wonders about the accuracy of the official "murder rate" in the U.S. and other countries.

David Codrea says that Hillary's political aspirations could be greatly complicated by some well chosen questions directed at her concerning guns. Essential reading.

Kurt Hofmann reports that a recent "straw purchaser" incident, this time in New York, is the latest anti-gun Catch 22.

Mike Vanderboegh comments on the fact that Claire Wolfe wrote a most complimentary article about him in the latest edition of SWAT Magazine. What she said is the truth.

WRSA asks a key question -- "if you're not preparing for the worst, then what are you preparing for?" Read the rest. It is nitty gritty time.

Karl Denninger says that if you want something to worry about, look no further than the Obamacare mandate that all medical records be electronic.

Gateway Pundit notes that WaPo is celebrating the death of the Tea Party. A bit premature, don't you think? We're still here, and we ain't going anywhere.

The Smallest Minority posts some neat photos from past events at the National Gun Blogger Rendezvous. By the way, the dates for this year have been set. Take a look.

Way Up North says that Alaska is burning too, but you would never know it by watching the news.

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