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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/15/2014

Since this will be the only roundup provided for this week, I decided I would offer an expanded version. There ought to be enough below to keep you busy with enough to read. Read on!

David Codrea declares that the grade of "C" for an anti-gun sheriff, given by a California gun group, should be an "F."

The War on Guns comments on a laughable analysis from ThinkProgress (a George Soros outfit) on the futility of armed citizens against government. 

Kurt Hofmann reports that gun ban zealots are about to have an attack of acute panic over THIS.

Christian Mercenary blogs on the dream of a nation reborn. Do yourself a favor and read it.

Mike Vanderboegh focuses on the upcoming Operation American Spring and the Washington Times' report on it.

Nicki has some choice words for MSNBC's Ed Schultz. And look at what he said to merit them!

WRSA muses on the case for hearts and minds in this present war to save and restore the Republic.

Karl Denninger calls our attention to the medical scam of the day.

Way Up North reports that the HAARP program, which has been part of our national defense, will be shut down.

Traction Control has all of his latest additions to his gun dealership on display.

The Wandering Minstrel updates us on the "guns save lives" court case in Arizona.

From Tam: "Trust in government? Are you kidding?"

Brigid blogs on the Smith & Wesson 637 stubby.

Golden Geese News says he gets some satisfaction when liberals get burned...badly...after they have been warned.

Days of our Trailers wants to know why the Dept. of Agriculture is seeking to buy .40 caliber S & W submachine guns. An excellent question that deserves an honest answer from the Feds!

Gateway Pundit reports that the head of the DNC -- Debbie Wasserman Schultz -- stated that it is senseless and wrong to punish men who slip abortion inducing drugs into pregnant women's drinks. I kid you not. So, now the Democrat Party is openly the Party of cold blooded murder.

Alphecca shows us a sign spotted outside a gun store. Spot-on!

Roberta X informs us of some shenanigans involving Deputy Attorneys General in New Jersey.

Pamela Geller presents the latest atrocity from "the religion of peace."

Blonde Sagacity has a cartoon editorial on "atheist chaplains" in the military. As a former chaplain myself, I can only say it figures. Chaplaincy is largely controlled by ultra-liberal organizations that take an anything goes stance. It was bound to come to this sooner or later. 

A Geek with Guns says, "Well, this changes everything." Take a look.

Misfires and Light Strikes says that this is the only piece of gunblogging advice he will ever give.

The Armed Lutheran reports that so-called "tolerant liberals" are taking potshots at a black man who is an ardent supporter of firearms rights.

JulieG announces she is back in action as a participant in the 2014 NRA Flagler Cup. Plenty of good photos too.

The Miller shows off his new rifle, and man, is that a beaut!

Interned in Northfield declares it's time for healthcare solutions that actually work. Is there such a solution? Actually there are many. I've talked about a lot of them right here. But Interned has yet another for consideration.

90 Miles from Tyranny calls our attention to "the new Fascists." Take a look.

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