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Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 5/1/2014

BonnieGadsden is seeking the answer to the question, were there any Oath Keepers among the armed Feds of the Bureau of Land Management at the Bundy ranch?

My Daily Kona blogs on the burgeoning police state in America.

Bayou Renaissance Man notes that a major bank made a $4 billion mistake in accounting. Advice: GET OUT OF THAT BANK!

I am to misbehave explains "Operation Choke Point" involving the Justice Department and the FDIC.

A Day in the Life of a Talk Radio Blogger alerts us to legislation being proposed that will police our speech in an effort to curb "hate crimes." In my way of thinking it is a "hate crime" to elect tyrants who propose bills like these to public office. Their punishment for attempting to smash the free speech rights of the people should be to muzzle them with a ball gag.

Billlls Idle Mind provides "rules for a gun fight."

Beloit Ballistics has some interesting thoughts on "racist remarks."

The Art of Manliness posts a must-read on going under cover to protect your online privacy. 

David Codrea shares an explosive post on "bank-stiffing porn stars" who are most happy to service the ATF!

The Christian Mercenary passes along some questions from those on the ground at the Bundy ranch.

Mike Vanderboegh provides a complete report on the facts, the fiction, the truth, the hearsay, as well as overall impressions from his time spent at the Bundy ranch.

Nicki blogs on the subject of open carry. This is the 2nd in her installment. Be sure to read Part 1 as well.

WRSA has a fundamental proposition. Read it all.

90 Miles from Tyranny notes the utmost importance of getting to the full truth about Benghazi.

The Daily Smug says that Obama is continuing his purge of the military as yet another general is ousted.

The Firearms Blog reports that female gun instructors are in great demand. True. Women are buying guns as never before, and many of them are more comfortable with female instructors.

Extrano's Alley issues a traveler's warning for those who may be driving through Pennsylvania -- the state supreme court has shredded the Constitution.

Stately McDaniel Manor explains why he carried weapons.

From Tekmage's Blog: "Why Gun Control Will Never Work."

Mike McCarville posts all of the information on the controversial veto of a gun bill by Gov. Mary Fallin, R-Okla. There is complete info there in several news articles posted over a period of time.

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