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Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm gonna be right here

I hope you all have a good holiday weekend for Memorial Day on Monday. As for me, I'm gonna be right here keeping watch on the liberty landscape while many of you enjoy yourselves and your families.

I'm not really a holiday type person except for July 4, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My work consumes most of my time, and much of it is behind the scenes. You know nothing about it because I don't tell you.

I love my work. I love to write and report. I love music. And I love studying the Bible and posting those studies over at the ministry site. I will be doing more of that, by the way, due to the overwhelming response I got when I did a study outline on the first part of the Gospel of John chapter one.

But I also like being around to monitor movements among the leviathans who sometimes take full advantage of us when we are not looking. Due to the fact that many of us serve as Watchmen in the Night, especially during holidays, we have been able to avoid mayhem perpetrated by vermin who do not respect nor recognize the importance of our holidays.

So, I'm gonna be around this weekend. Patriots, if you see something, say something, not to the leviathans and jackbooted government thugs but to your fellow Patriots. I will issue special "Liberty Alerts" as needed. Have a great weekend.

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