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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

This loony-bird chirps off can otherwise intelligent people in San Francisco keep electing this insane asylum inmate?

Well, Pelosi has popped off again, and again she has unleashed a mouthful of gibberish, completely unintelligible gibberish. She is a loony-bird, a chirping inmate of California's most intense insane asylum.

With a pasted on smile, Pelosi delivered her usual bilge concerning Obamacare, although the numbers Obama is using to tout its success are fake, made up, false. She said that the 7.1 figure proves that Obamacare is working, that millions of Americans who never had healthcare now have it.

Nope. The figures actually show, according to my sources, that barely 2 million of the 7.1 who supposedly signed up were previously uninsured.  And most of them believe that even that is too generous a figure. A more accurate number, most say, is around 800,000.

So who are the rest of these 7.1 million Americans? They are those who were kicked off of their healthcare plans due to the Obamacare law, which said that unless their plans cover birth control, abortion, etc, etc, then the insurers will no longer be allowed to offer those plans. This number also includes those who were in Medicaid, 4 million of whom were already enrolled prior to the passage of the Obamacare law.

So, why would Obama, Pelosi, and the other asylum inmates conveniently count those who are already covered by Medicaid? Well, they had to sign up again in order to get subsidies. But they are NOT "4 million uninsured" as Pelosi claims.

Thus, out of the 7.1 million being celebrated by the lobotomized Obamanoids, only 2 million citizens at best (800,000 say most) of the target group came into Obamacare by April 1.

This number is so dismal that the administration did not want to release it. It is too embarrassing for the Obama minions.

Yet Obama claims the "debate about repealing" the Obamacare law is over. Then he asserted, "It is here to stay."

What a bumbling fool.

2 million out of the 40 million who are uninsured is no indication that the debate is over. Even if it were 7.1 million, that still is no victory and no end of the debate.

We are being fleeced and lied to yet again by an administration that knows no limits to its power to deceive and engage in propaganda that would put the Third Reicht and the Soviet Union to shame.

And yet, come November, I will guarantee you that San Fransisco will once again vote overwhelmingly to put its chirping loony bird right back into office.

This has gone on so long that the only conclusion to which one can come is that if the voters in that Congressional district keep doing this over and over as they have for many years, then THEY must be babbling loony birds as well.  

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