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Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 4/3/2014

The Broken Patriot presents an ode to the American police state.

My Muse Shanked Me noticed a bumpersticker for 2016 recently. A frightening prospect.

The Miller comments on the Fort Hood shooting yesterday.

Massad Ayoob explains why we use expanding bullets. This is Part 5 in his series. You may want to read the others too.

An NC Gun Blog writes on another day in the Durham free fire zone. Durham is one of those places in the South that is anti-gun but is beset with lots of violence by criminals who easily get guns.

PawPaw's House writes an excellent piece on fostering a free society.

The Runt Compound shows us a VERY interesting firearm -- a revolver that holds 10 rounds. Now I could go for something like that!

Give Me Liberty says there is no room for politeness when advocating for gun rights.

Gun Watch has some good news out of Wisconsin about a concealed carry permit holder who shot and killed two.

Down Range TV reports that the firearms industry has doubled its economic impact in America over the past five years.

That Texas Lady provides a holster review.

The Whited Sepulchre posts some interesting stats on shootings in gun free zones.

WRSA issues the perfect flag for the NRA, given their tendency to sell us out when push comes to shove.

Armed and Safe is Kurt Hofmann's blog, and there he provides notices from JPFO and the Examiner concerning his articles. Go take a look.

David Codrea reports the latest breaking update on the Reece family and their ongoing woes with the legal system.

Mike Vanderboegh received info indicating that the entire Bill of Rights appears to be out of favor in Connecticut. This is not looking good, folks.

Tam notes that the attention is now on "blue guns." Not long ago it was "pink guns" that were all the rage. Of course in this case she is talking about fake plastic guns. 

The Smallest Minority has another good example of the complete failure of the public school system in America.

Gateway Pundit reports that Benghazi protesters forced Hillary Clinton to cancel a speech in San Diego. Good! A person who belongs in jail doesn't need to be making speeches.

Days of our Trailers has more on the antics of the politicians in Illinois.


Tam said...

"Tam notes that the attention is now on "blue guns." Not long ago it was "pink guns" that were all the rage."

Er, I'm not sure I got my point across, then? :s

Welshman said...

Probably not, but then again, maybe you got it across perfectly well. Fake plastic guns vs. real guns. And I know that pink guns were real. Sometimes it is my lead or "hook" to get ppl to read the stuff I post from other bloggers that is flawed. Sorry for whatever mixup I may have caused.