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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 4/24/2014

Nicki posts a news item that she says is so outrageous that if she said what she was really thinking about it, it would shatter the screen on her computer. Read it carefully folks. This is what's coming to all of America through Obamacare.

Irons in the Fire says, "Someone please tell me why I should trust ANY of the various agencies of the federal government!"

The Armed Lutheran publishes a guest-post by his son, Reagan, who is in the 8th grade. It's titled, "Guns and Tyranny." Good stuff!

A Day in the Life of a Talk Radio Blogger reports that DHS is buying more ammo again, this time 25 million shotgun shells.

Misfires and Light Strikes has a thought-provoking read on gun stores and such.

3 Boxes of BS notes that the mainstream media is finally catching on to the fact that there is a boom of interest and sales of guns and ammo among the women of America.

The Clue Meter provides some rather provoking thoughts on free speech and such...

The Art of Manliness wants to know why we are so conflicted about manhood in the modern age? Good question. Of course, one reason is that the progressives want to complete their "wussification" of America.

From Kent's Hooligan Libertarian Blog: "Fellating enforcers at gunpoint."

CrusaderRabbit says it all about "global warming." Don't miss this one!

Cemetery's Gun Blob discovered some very interesting info on Dingy Harry's family history.

Page Nine blows the whistle on anti-gun politicians, reporters, and citizens who claim 92 percent of the American people support universal gun registration. Hint -- not a word of it is true. This blogger tells us how and why.

Never Yet Melted says that the U.S. Supreme Court is going to have a second chance on Obamacare with regard to religious freedom. Interesting background info provided.

The Daily Smug asks, "Why is Obama decimating our military while arming federal agencies?"

Free North Carolina reports that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has issued a strongly worded warning to the federal government, particularly the Bureau of Land Management.

Team Gun Blogger offers the top 10 reasons to shoot the "practical pistol."

WRSA notes that a reader passed along an interesting way to conduct nonviolent sabotage. A must-read.

The War on Guns highlights a news story about police using unreasonable restraint  against a 75-year old woman in her own home after they raided the place!

Tam posts some thoughts on things to think about when contemplating what you would do if confronted by armed thugs at a place such as a shopping mall.

Mike Vanderboegh says he is now in Indiana to attend the NRA convention, where he hopes to stir up the pot a little on the organization's tendency to throw gun rights under the bus in order to "cut a deal" with anti-gun bigots.

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