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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Media abandons Clive Bundy, but should they?

America has become a country where there is no free speech. Kiss it good-bye, my friends, it is gone, vanished, obliterated with a few simple court rulings and the stroke of a president's pen. We now live in a society of "political correctness," meaning that we are allowed to say only those things that the favored ones smile upon. That is not free speech. That is speech control. And it is a most vile and disturbingly dangerous trend that has infiltrated this country and swept through all of the public schools, the colleges, the newspapers, and the government. Even the churches to a great degree march in lockstep to the dictates of the politically correct "speech police."

A major part of this unAmerican and totalitarian mindset is the notion that if a person such as Clive Bundy says things that violate the most sacred of the dictates of the religion of political correctness, then he must be rotten through and through.
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