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Friday, March 21, 2014

When She Loved Me

These are hard times for Americans who are truly concerned about the state of our nation today. Often I am up all night either worrying, or thinking, or attempting to devise ways of making sure our liberties and our Constitution survive the present assault.

When it all gets nearly too much to bear, I turn to my means of respite -- prayer, or Bible study, or music.

Tonight music gets the nod. It clears the soul of pent up emotions. And it can be incredibly sad or incredibly joyful.

Here is one that means a great deal to me. It was first presented as a children's song from Toy Story 2. But the song is profound and is actually about something much deeper, such as love and the loss of love... and hope. Here it is, "When She Loved Me," by the incredible Sarah McLachlan:

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