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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well, alrighty, then

This week I have been consumed with the story about what turned out to be the Connecticut hoax, the supposed police officers' association that sent out a letter with 250 signatures condemning the new restrictive gun control laws.

I decided I would stay with the story until the bitter end, when the full truth would be discovered, for good or ill.

In this case I had to issue some retractions. Fair enough. All reporters and even the most reputable news organizations at times must issue corrections and retractions. That's part of the deal.

But the time and effort that went into this, since I am a one man operation, was extensive and quite taxing. That's the reason there has been no Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup this week. Maybe tomorrow if things stay calm.

But, to be honest, I am still closely monitoring developments in Connecticut. If there is to be open conflict between citizens and law enforcement, Connecticut is the place to watch. It is ground zero in the fight for gun rights.

Despite the retractions and hoaxes, there is still the blatant, plain truth that gun owners in Connecticut, along with police officers who support them, are set and ready to defend their Second Amendment rights against the state government leviathans who are determined to deprive citizens of the Constitution protections of those rights.

Like a bulldog, I am determined to follow THAT story, which is 100 percent true, to its bitter end, for good or ill. I hope the rights of the people are the winners this time.

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