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Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 3/6/2014

Mike Vanderboegh needs our prayers. He is going to need another surgical procedure to deal with a complication from the major surgery he had a while back.  That will be on the 17th.

MArooned issues a warning about GM products. And BTW, it does not matter that GM's poor quality has been going on for years. The government took our tax money to bail out a bunch of clunkers. After multibillions of MY money and yours that Obama gave to GM, the Union, and SOME investors but not all, we find out now that the company has been putting out such crap that it should have been allowed to die. And that is the point. Any business that writes its own death warrant by failing to do the job should be allowed to go under, period. NO company is "too big to fail."

The Lonely Libertarian pens what may well be the quote of the decade. She nails it with Barack Obama's contradictions. Take a look.

Irons in the Fire notes that when facing embarrassment Obama always yells "racism." Here he has another example, except this time the embarrassing scenario was at the hands of his own Party.

A Geek with Guns opines on Facebook's new policy of not allowing "gun oriented pages."

Stand Up America has an interesting analysis of the Lois Lerner-Elijah Cummings debacle during the House hearing on the IRS scandal.

Mom With a Gun writes on the force of habit and how gun owners/carriers need to overcome some bad habits in the interest of firearms safety.

The Broken Patriot highlights Obama's contradictions when it comes to "assault weapons."

Michael Bane blasts the Connecticut legislature for enacting gun control laws that make the following scenario possible. Whatever you do, don't miss this one!

Interned in Northfield says there are only two alternatives when dealing with the current tyrants in government -- protect privacy or accept complete gov't control.

Citizens' Council for Health Freedom contains some good information on how to fight Obamacare and any attempt to implement a "single payer system." I don't endorse anything here because I have not thoroughly studied it through and through. But it is worth a read.

Kurt Hofmann reports that a Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois wants to ban body armor. 

David Codrea informs us that the NRA's Wayne LaPierre will address the CPAC conference TODAY. If I'm not mistaken he has already finished his address, and it is available on video and audio.

WRSA notes a stooge of the South Carolina variety. Agreed. And let me make it very clear this "Martin" is no relation to me whatsoever. But I'll tell you what he IS -- a wolf in sheep's clothing, a statist masquerading as a conservative, a Democrat posing as a Republican, and an anti-gun, worthless bigot.

From Nicki: "Hey, Cupcake, shut your hole!"

Traction Control displays his new additions to his inventory as of today. Go over there and look. And be sure to click on his link for his complete inventory. LOTS of good stuff available for your firearms needs.

CLO notes a true story that gets to the heart of the issue of "avoiding tragedy."

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