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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 3/27/2014

The Christian Mercenary writes an excellent piece on why Connecticut matters in the fight for gun rights and liberty.

Free North Carolina passes along its take on the gargantuan news that the FBI has dumped the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center as a "hate crimes resource." It couldn't have happened to a more deserving entity.

Give Me Liberty reports that one of the Supreme Court justices was stunned by a statement of one of the lawyers arguing against Hobby Lobby in the latest Obamacare case. You could have heard a pin drop. But the question is what does it mean?

In Jennifer's Head makes an excellent point about those who believe their employer is somehow obligated to provide things for them, outside a decent wage and a safe workplace.

JulieG informs us about Gun Girls Radio, a weekly radio talk show that focuses on firearms, especially as they relate to women.

3 Boxes of BS provides an update on the status of concealed carry laws in Texas.

The Arizona Rifleman says that Bill Maher has asked, "Why doesn't the Democratic Party come out against the Second Amendment?" Good question. Everybody knows that every single Democrat in Congress is either anti-gun or semi-anti-gun.

Northeast Shooters reports that a federal court has upheld San Francisco's new ammo ban and gun laws. 

Plan for the Day notes the vast ignorance of most Americans and shows us a brief video that proves it. Take a look.

Freedom Is Just Another Word... reminds us that guns and freedom go together. They either stand together or fall together. A worthwhile read.

Extrano's Alley answers with a vehement NO! to a common myth that "guns are the leading cause of death in the United States."

From Stately McDaniel Manor: "A Tale of Two Missiles."

Mike Vanderboegh has an important update on the planned smuggling campaign for Connecticut. Of extreme importance...

Nicki notes that a journalist has attacked a 9 year old who is gaining national attention for her shooting skills in tournaments.

Tam muses on her "carry gun" and provides a photo to boot.

Brigid says she is almost finished with her new book, "The Book of Barkley" in memory of the death of her dear dog. She also provides some mighty fine writing on other subjects.

David Codrea reports that citizens can learn and use jury power to thwart unjust prosecutions. And by the way, glad to have David back after his recent illness and hospitalization.

Kurt Hofmann digs a little deeper into Obama's controversial choice for Surgeon General, who thinks guns are a healthcare issue.

WRSA declares we are in deep ca ca and sinking fast. Be sure to read the piece provided at his link.

Pamela Geller has the enraging news that the Palestinian Authority has declared that Jews must not pray at the western wall of the Temple Mount. Like hell. These charlatan interlopers who stole that land from the Jews who built it would like to banish the entire country from the region. But they will settle for co-ownership. The last time they did that, the Muslims would not allow Jews to have access to their holiest sites in the city that has been Hebrew/Jewish for at least 1000 years before the birth of Christ. Oh, and Mohammad didn't come along until 600 years AFTER the birth of Christ. But since when did Muslims allow facts to effect them?

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