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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 3/21/2014

AmericanMercenary shares with us some bolt action techniques, video included.

90 Miles from Tyranny shares with us another segment of "girls with guns."

Free North Carolina presents a video of 50 states' worth of Dingy Harry Reid's liars. Remember when Dingy Harry stated that all the horror stories about Obamacare the citizens had been telling were "lies?" Well, here are some examples for that A**hole to go impale himself with.

The Broken Patriot declares that Christians are the new Jews in Obama's America, hearkening back to the Nazi days when "undesirables" were herded into cattle cars and hauled to the death camps. Click his link for the whole story.

Mom with a Gun muses on the element of surprise in self-defense situations.

Ballseye's Boomers has some outstanding pistol grip techniques he's like to share.

From Rootin' Tootin' Gun Blog: "Undecided about gun control? Watch this!"

Never Yet Melted comments on millennials and Obamacare via a political cartoon.

The Packetman opines on what he would do if he owned a gun store, given the way the ATF conducts itself. Take a look.

Extrano's Alley reports that N.J. Gov. Chris Christie has asked the Supreme Court to nix the Second Amendment!

Fill Yer Hands blogs on the five guns he will gladly own. A good read.

Team Gunblogger provides a gun lock test. It's on video too.

CLO posts an interesting example that reminds us of the Four Rules of Gun Safety.

Days of our Trailers says that the Gun Victims Act doubles down on the stupid. Take a look.

Standing By notes that yet another leftwing anti-freedom group is immune to the facts and logic. 

Tam mentions some advice from her Dad that, in my view, ALL Americans would do well to follow. Our financial mess would be solved too. If individuals get this down, the country as a whole, including the government, will get it too.

Mike Vanderboegh has now moved his efforts toward Rhode Island and New Jersey in his email campaign against their new proposed anti-gun laws. Here you will find the email list of RI legislators.

And here Mike posts the email list of New Jersey legislators.

Kurt Hofmann declares that "smart guns" are a dumb idea for cops and an even dumber idea for the rest of us.

WRSA posts the quote of the week, perhaps the quote of the century, from the late, great C.S. Lewis. Don't miss this one.

David Codrea will be the featured speaker at a major gun rights rally right in the heart of the anti-gun enemies in Hartford, Conn. on Saturday, April 5. Take a look at the flier for details.

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