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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 3/17/2014

Mike Vanderboegh underwent surgery today. He is now back at home and doing well. Continue to pray for him.

David Codrea has the latest breaking news on a major story that is developing concerning the ATF and the Ares Armor Company.

Kurt Hofmann reports that the ATF is now requiring a license for renting tools that would help citizens create firearms. Read this and David's article above. An ominous situation is developing here.

WRSA says that a massive vehicle to vehicle warrantless search was conducted in the D.C. area Sunday. Read it all. Still think we are not living under tyranny? And that this tyranny is about to get much, much worse?

Way Up North has the latest from Wild Bill -- "Walking the Nazi Road."

Tam says we can be really thankful to Obama for this. Yes, indeed. Brings back so many warm and fuzzy memories from childhood as I shook in fear when it was reported the Soviet Union had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba pointed right at America. Ahhhhh, yes, the comfort of those wonderful memories.

Nicki blasts an instructor at a local college for her blatant falsehoods in maligning members of the U.S. military.

Standing By declares that Connecticut police are in a squeeze.

Brigid has written a "Book of Barkley" which was inspired by her beloved dog, recently deceased. Here is an excerpt.

Golden Geese News says that things are looking very dark for America, darker by the day. Note his reason why, and be sure to view the vid.

Gateway Pundit reports that it increasingly appears that Ukraine is going to war with Crimea and Russia. Take a look.

From Every Blade of Grass: "Shooting Drones with Shotguns."

Days of our Trailers points to another example of the idgits of the anti-gun movement.

Alphecca says we are a nation of bad laws, this time in Kalifornistan.

Roberta X has a gun show report from Indy.

Pamela Geller held a Liberty Conference in Australia and was immediately subjected to a highly biased news report by Australia's equivalent of PBS. Go figure.

Stand Up America states that with a recent increase in rockets flying over Israel and Gaza, we must not lose sight of Iran in the midst of the other crises of the world.

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