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Monday, March 10, 2014

I hate it when that happens...

NOTE! It turns out that most of the info in my original article is, indeed, true. So, disregard the words below. There is a second update on my article at Examiner, indicating that new info vindicates, at the very least in part, the claims of Tyler Jackson about the LEOs in Conn.  

Embarrassing. Just simply embarrassing.

That's the only emotional reaction I'm feeling this evening due to being informed that the person who fed info to David Hardy concerning an open letter from LEOs in Conn. who refuse to enforce the new gun laws now says the info about the letter was untrue, or at least he would not say one way or the other.

Thus, there is no open letter and no signatures. But the story has already been reported far and wide that there is such a letter. The fact that I had to go back and add an update to the top of my Examiner article stating that the original statement about the open letter is false, is a highly embarrassing turn of events.

But, the deed had to be done in order to salvage what little credibility I have left.

I do not blame David Hardy for the bogus information. He has always been trustworthy. He simply got duped by a bad source that he trusted. It's happened at one time or another to all of us, but it never gets easier to go before the public to admit such a thing.

I still insist that the essence of the article is correct. I know for a fact that a significant number of LEOs in Conn. have no intention of enforcing these unconstitutional gun control laws. It's just that there is no open letter from them containing their signatures.

Anyway, I apologize for those who trusted my Examiner story without question, and trusted me enough with the facts to send the article to everyone they know. I can only say I will work much harder to verify every jot and tittle of info I receive, even from trusted sources. I hate that we have reached this stage in America, but so much disinformation is out there that it has become necessary.

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