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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 2/24/2014

CLO gives us the latest from Gun Owners of America, which has issued a smackdown to "the Bastard," Little Chucky Schumer, the IRS, and Moonbeam Brown in California. 

Kurt Hofmann calls our attention to a progressive writer whose biggest objection to the 2nd Amendment is the very reason why it's needed.

WRSA declares that "your children are now a commodity of the State." Follow his link to find out why and how.

Karl Denninger wants to know why journalists get a pass on crap like THIS. Take a look.

The War on Guns did some digging and found a Connecticut-California connection in the latest 9th Circuit ruling that expands the Heller decision at SCOTUS.

Way Up North reports that a "Day of Resistance" took place in Wasilla, Alaska -- an annual gathering of gun rights enthusiasts who openly carry firearms of various types.

Mike Vanderboegh has a rather pointed message for Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.

Gateway Pundit shares photos and info on a big party given in his honor to celebrate his miraculous recovery from near-death after a staph infection almost took his life. He's back good as new. Guests were Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, and others.

Golden Geese News reports that over 20 bankers worldwide have died under mysterious circumstances.  

Alphecca reports that armed homeowners are fighting back in Detroit...that once great city that was turned into a war zone by decades of "progressive" Democrat policies.

Pamela Geller passes along bombshell news that despite vehement denials by DHS, a local reporter discovered evidence that Muslim terrorists have crossed over the border into the U.S. from Mexico. Remember we have been telling you for several years now that this is happening, and, as usual, nobody in D.C. is willing to stop Obama and his interlopers from allowing it.

From the Adventures of Roberta X: "Softly Come the Censors."

Tam has THE million dollar question of the century.

The Minuteman provides essential reading for us all, although he says it was a bit of self-realization.

A Geek with Guns bids good-bye to Piers Morgan at CNN. Personally, if I had the power I would have gotten rid of his pompous ass long ago.

3 Boxes of BS comments on a couple of items in the news, both having to do with high profile self defense cases.

From Irons in the Fire: "And they call people like me racist..." A good read!

Broken Patriot says that a dash cam recently saved a citizen from going to prison. Folks, watch it out there. Some police officers are one step below the IQ of the Three Stooges.

MissK's World wonders if it's Monday yet. I just became aware of her gun blog, so she is new to The Liberty Sphere. Take a look.

90 Miles from Tyranny notes how the devious Left manipulates the message. In our protracted battle, we must learn this skill and learn it in a hurry.

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