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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 2/21/2014

Brigid has a review of the Colt .357 Python, along with a personal story about it.

CLO blogs on "badged barbarism."

Pamela Geller shows us what happens when radical Islam is allowed to go unchecked. And no, it isn't happening halfway around the world but right here in the US! In Dearborn, Mich.

David Codrea posts some news about "the Bastard" and his continued vendetta against guns even though he is not mayor of NY any longer.

WRSA notes that T.L. Davis predicts oppression is inevitable in America. You had best read it although you had rather not. The truth is the truth, even hard truths.

Karl Denninger declares that you might as well go ahead and welcome the hackers into your house.

Kurt Hofmann posts a must-read on the lessons of Connecticut in the assault weapons and registration flap.

Mike Vanderboegh shares an open letter he wrote to some more politicians, this time Chris Christie and the NJ Senate president. BTW, Mike needs our prayers bigtime.

Nicki says that she is worried about the new FCC initiative in invading newsrooms to check on their "bias." Yep, and then they will probably dictate what news they can report and not report. Rest assured it's coming unless we stop this madness.

Way Up North provides the must-read quote of the day.

Tam begins her latest comments about the state of America today by declaring that the novel 1984 is not supposed to be an instruction manual. Tell that to Hussein in the Oval Office and all of his henchmen in academia and Congress!

Traction Control shows off all of the latest additions to his inventory at his gun dealership.

The Wandering Minstrel provides a post-op report, and it is good!

Golden Geese News says, "It's not a conspiracy theory, it's something much worse." Read it all.

Gateway Pundit reports that it's another record year for gun manufacturers.

Days of our Trailers comments on Markey's smart gun legislation.

Alphecca says that the anti-gun bigots are demanding that VISA cut ties to the NRA.

Stand Up America reports that a county sheriff has run into the brick wall of CAIR, the infamous Council on American-Islamic Relations. And the ethically challenged Southern Poverty Law Center stuck its nose into it as well. The issue? Counterterrorism initiatives.

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