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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Connecticut gunowners face confiscation

The resistance and civil disobedience exhibited by the vast majority of Connecticut gunowners should serve as a model for the rest of the country. Simply refuse to comply. Each time a state experiences the resistance of its citizens, they are being shown a key lesson in Civics 101 -- it is futile and irrational to pass a law that citizens have no intention of obeying.
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Unknown said...

The left knows that they can't implement their agenda to its end until the people are disarmed ! How many people out there are aware that from the EPA and down they have been implementing the 1992 Biodiversity Treaty drawn up at the UN ? How many people are aware of Agenda 21. In 1994 this treaty was stopped dead in its track by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas ,who one hour prior to the Senate vote for ratification , presented a 4 by 6 picture of the UN proposed future map of the USA. She was aided by Dr. Micael Coffman who knew that this was Agenda 21. the horrified Senator stopped it dead in its track . But it never stopped because the EPA changed internal workings through policy changes that pushed federal agencies into formulations rules and regulations that aligned with the UN treaty. This is why we see an out of control EPA , the Corp of Engineers , etc. Please in you are interested in this subject , google Michael Coffman and pray for our country.