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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 1/17/2014

JulieG posts complete Shot Show coverage. Just go over there and start scrolling.

Misfires and Light Strokes compares gun control's 2014 agenda with gun rights activists' agenda.

The Miller explains that we can expect another sharp spike in gun sales. Yep!

Irons in the Fire shares why he refers to Maryland authorities as the Staasi. The outrage is growing over this incident.

In the Middle of the Right has an important question he'd like to ask concerning Prez Barry.

Another Day...Another... has a brief review on the new S&W Bodyguard .380. He says there is one major change of note.

pdb declares that Remington has already screwed up the R-51 9mm pistol.

Free North Carolina says that the White House has been caught red-handed lying about the latest Obamacare numbers. Are we surprised?

Riverdog reports some ominous news about the American Medical Association -- information that directly impacts you and everyone else if you are against socialized medicine.

Stately McDaniel Manor gives us the full scoop on the IRS scandal and the FBI's ludicrous conclusions about it.

David Codrea reports that Mississippi has introduced a bill that would protect against gun confiscation.

Mike Vanderboegh says that Little Chucky Schumer must be up to no good again, given his latest rhetoric. When Schumer says this, something wicked this way comes. But then, he's Little Chucky, a man with an amazing resemblance to the monster doll in the Child's Play horror movies.

Kurt Hofmann surmises that Missouri's Second Amendment Protection Act has a better chance of passing this year.

WRSA has must-read news about the District of Columbia, which he now calls the "District of Criminals."

Way Up North provides police blotter reports from Wasilla and Dutch Harbor in Alaska.

Nicki posts a perfect example of why tyrants such as Obama and his Dem lackeys in Congress get elected. Uninformed citizens. It's all there in the video. Go look.

Gateway Pundit reports that Code Pink, the ultra Leftwing "peace" organization, has been linked to two al Qaeda connected terrorist groups within the past week.

Roberta X informs us of a new outfit that seeks to educate journalists about guns so that they avoid making idiots out of themselves when doing news stories about firearms.

Stand Up America has the full report on the release of the Senate's special investigative report on Benghazi.

Pamela Geller reports even more damning news for Hillary and Obama. Ambassador Chris Stevens had cabled Washington to inform them that CIA discovered al Qaeda training camps within Benghazi. When is someone going to forcefully and publicly condemn the New York Times for LYING about Benghazi in a front page news report recently???? And when will there be justice for the accessories to murder in our government????

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